Want to be part of a unique and memorable experience within Dressage

The sport of Dressage is in the spotlight like never before and Alyssa Pitts presents an opportunity for you to be part of it in an affordable way. You can be part of a horses journey to the top and witness training and competitions at the highest of levels.

Owning a dressage horse

Many assume that owning a potential top dressage horse is only for the affluent. The costs associated with the horses, competitions and the on-going care have long been considered very high. Syndication has been around for decades in the horse racing industry and empowers a much broader base of supporters to have a direct impact at the upper most levels of the sport.

Syndication is enjoyable for the majority and whilst there is a strong possibility of your horse’s value appreciating considerably, the goal will always be to produce a horse to the highest level that it can achieve. The Syndication itself is made up of a team of “like minded” individuals who want to be a part of a horse’s career development. By joining up, you are mitigating the risks associated with ownership and reducing the monetary outlay both upfront and in continuing care costs. There is an entry level for everyone out there. Up front buy-in on shares are determined by a combination of factors but primarily on the number of shares offered and level of experience of the horse. Typically the horse’s value gradually increases as his or her career develops and this is what makes ownership of a young prospect so exciting; you get to watch your horse progress. Not every horse will live up to its potential. The decision may be made to sell the horse and return the current value of each share to each owner or roll the money over into a new horse.

The on-going day to day costs (which include but are not limited to; board, feed, vet bills, insurance, farrier, and shipping ) remain fairly consistent through the horses career. Donations are 100% tax deductible according to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). You will have access to your horse and are encouraged to visit your horse during training or competition. The goal is to progress and succeed but also enjoy the journey where great memories are made.

How can someone get involved

Initially Alyssa likes to meet and discuss the horses she has before any such Syndication Agreement for the particular horse of your choice is issued.. The contract has been drafted in an attempt to define all of the terms of the agreement, so that there are no unwanted surprises. The contract is important and necessary to protect all of the syndicate members including the horse too! A check or wire transfer for the value of the share(s) is due upon receipt of the signed agreement. You can then pay your monthly portion of maintenance expenses or pay the entire year in advance, should you wish. The first payment of monthly expenses is due upon receipt and by the first day of the month thereafter. At this point you’re on the team! You’ll be included in updates about your horse’s training progress and competition schedule. These private “members only” updates will take place through private newsletter,, videos, conference calls and meetings.

If you decide that this syndication commitment is not for you, you are able to leave at any time. The other members of the Syndicate have first right of refusal to purchase the share(s). If the value of the share(s) cannot be agreed upon by the membership, the shares will be put up for sale and once you’ve received the proceeds of the sale of your share(s), you are no longer bound by the agreement.


The Syndication will be comprised of 6-8 members from different walks of life with one goal in mind for the horse; International success! The team doesn’t end there, in addition to Alyssa in the saddle, the horse will have some of the finest care in the world provided by the Alyssa Pitts team as well as renowned veterinarians, chiropractors, farriers and the broad family of wonderful sponsors. Please visit the sponsor page to see who will be supporting Alyssa and your horse!

Selecting the horse is an important part of the equation. Alyssa is extremely particular about her horses and would not expect you to feel any differently. If you are seriously considering becoming part of the team, you are encouraged to contact Alyssa and meet the horses, which can be coordinated either at a competition or at her training facility, Cedar Meadow Farm in Snohomish, WA