DOB: 6.10.12

Breed: Hanoverian

Height: 17.0 hands

Bloodline: San Amour x Lancet x Joost

Breeder: Julie Toth, USA


 Sadonis is a beautiful horse who is very eye catching. He is that magical combination of elasticity and power--he is a very strong and powerful horse, yet still athletic and graceful. He has three excellent basic paces. He has a huge, pure walk, which is always “money in the bank” in a test. His canter is scopey and has a lot of ground cover and air time. His trot is elastic and pushes really well from behind. Power-wise, he gives a similar feeling to Quintessential Hit when ridden. He is extremely intelligent, and he appears to be quite brave and generally easy going without losing sensitivity.

Sadonis is competing at First Level in 2017 in his debut year of showing. He has scored up to 81% at First Level, and is showing incredible promise for the future.


Career Highlights

2017- #5 Ranked USDF Horse of the Year at First level with a median over 76%

2017 - Scores at First Level to 81%